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UNISON has been highlighting the scandal of our 220,000 care workers who are not paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW) in breach of the law.

PAY_UP_FOR_TRAVEL_TIME.pngThe issue was raised prominently, on Radio 4’s Today Programme and at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

UNISON has been working hard to maintain our pressure on the Government over their failure to order a new set of proactive investigations by HMRC into widespread illegal pay rates in the care sector (despite the Care Minister Norman Lamb specifically asking for it to start).

As a consequence there was a feature on the issue on Radio 4’s Today Programme on Wednesday 7th January.  You can listen to the piece at the link below:

The issue was subsequently raised at Prime Minister’s Question Time later in the day where Paul Burstow MO asked the Prime Minister if he would work with the Chancellor to order HMRC to pursue care companies who do not comply with the law in paying their care workers.  The Prime Minister admitted that they could far more to prosecute and chase down organisations that don’t pay the NMW.

UNISON has also liaised with some MPs who support us on this issue and a cross-party letter signed by 36 MPs has been sent to the Government Minister at BIS asking for a new set of investigations.



Finally the petition we launched now has over 11,000 signatures calling on the Government to act. 


Please share it with your members and encourage them to sign it

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