Surrey Pay Update | November 2017


The UNISON Pay Team has done all we can to improve the pay offers from the council. Non-schools SCC staff have already had any increase due paid in their October salaries (backdated to 1 July). School support staff have been offered a two year deal which our members have also roundly rejected, but which will be backdated to 1st April.

So what happens now?

UNISON have written to the council (see below) making it clear that we are not satisfied with the current pay and reward situation and that we will be campaigning hard for an improved offer across the board next year – starting with a lobby of the council on 5th December.

What you can do:

  • Become a UNISON ‘Pay Champion’ – meaning you will be part of a network of local reps helping to spread the word, keeping your colleagues updated and letting UNISON know what your members are feeling. Just contact us for more information.
  • Come to the lobby of the council on 5th December at 8.30am, County Hall. A motion is being discussed there to support our claim for fair pay.

Our letter to the council:

I am writing with the final result of our ballots on Surrey Pay & Reward 2017/18.

Although our turnout was significant (34%) and up on previous years, it falls well below the current legal threshold of 50% for a formal industrial action ballot. We will therefore not, at this stage, be conducting such a ballot of members on this year’s pay settlement.

The actual vote was similar to our original ballot, with a substantial majority (86%) voting against the offer and 63% saying they would be prepared to vote for industrial action in the event of a formal ballot. On this basis, and with the ongoing clear mandate from our reps and members to work for a better deal, we will not be signing up to the current pay settlement.

Our ballot in schools is still being analysed but a similar picture is emerging - a clear majority of those voting wanting us to actively pursue a fair pay increase for all our members - but with less than 50% participating in the vote.

Given the results of these ballots, our Branch Committee has agreed unanimously that we consider our dispute on Pay & Reward ‘unresolved’. We wish to state on record that we will regard ourselves and our members as in dispute over Pay & Reward at SCC until such a time as a fair pay award is negotiated. This is the case for our members across schools and non-schools. We will continue to campaign vigorously for a fair cost-of-living pay award and for a £10ph minimum wage at SCC.

To this effect:

We call upon the council to immediately honour their offer to review their minimum wage rates in line with the new Living Wage Foundation accepted minimum rates of £8.75 outside London and £10.20 inside London.

UNISON are making a claim now for 2018/19, based upon the national NJC claim, for a 5% consolidated increase across the board for all SCC employees (schools and non-schools) and re-iterating our call for a commitment to achieving a £10ph minimum wage in Surrey by 2020 (The London Living Wage figure already now being £10.20ph).

We call upon the council officers to use their standing with the councillors to urge support for the motion being brought before the full council on 5th December by councillors Robert Evans and Jonathon Essex - asking SCC to add its voice to those calling for a fair funding settlement so that all local authority staff can be fairly recompensed.

We look forward to meeting at the earliest opportunity to discuss these points.


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