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Pay-up-now-1000x560.jpgThe Surrey Pay Ballot for 2017 opens next week. UNISON Reps have voted unanimously to recommend a NO vote.

Surrey County UNISON reps from across all the different services met on 1st August to consider the final offer from the council. It was agreed unanimously that the offer was not acceptable and that we would recommend a NO vote to members in this month's ballot.

Due to the complicated nature of the offer, and the fact that it will impact differently on virtually every employee, means it is very hard for us to explain how it will affect you. We are advising members to write/email their line manager asking how the pay offer will affect them specifically.

The Final Offer from the council can be found here

Supporting information provided by the council can be found here

UNISON nationally are also fighting back against the government pay cap. There is a wealth of information on our national website showing how public sector workers have been robbed over the past few years - Pay Up Now - The Numbers Behind The Pay Cap

The headlines in the Surrey County Council offer are that most staff who are not at the top of their grades will get just a 1% incremental rise (staff in the career job families, i.e. social workers, will move up one incremental scale point). The lowest pay point will be raised one penny per hour above the UK Living Wage Foundation minimum of £8.45ph and will be reviewed in November when the Foundation updates its levels. This will have a knock-on effect on some of the lower grades, with some very slight upward movement (up to grade 6). The council is only committing to achieving a £9 per hour minimum by 2020 - UNISON is demanding a £10 per hour minimum rate. Almost everyone who is at the top of their grade from grade 7 upward will receive no increase except for a few notable exceptions at grade 12 and above. All the above increases are subject to individuals achieving a 'successful' rating at their appraisal this year. Those who achieve 'Exceeding Expectations' at appraisal (after moderation) will receive a one-year non-consolidated payment of 1% of salary divided over 12 months.

Many staff will have had their pay frozen (or 'capped' at a very low annual increase) for many years. The fact that numbers of our members are effectively being offered a zero increase this year is a slap in the face. Even if you are getting a small increase this year, we would ask you to think of those colleagues who are getting nothing.

UNISON will be sending out a more detailed newsletter to our members in the next week or so, along with ballot forms. It is vital that we get a good response. The closing date for the ballot returns is 31st August. If someone wants to vote who is not yet in UNISON, they have until 5pm on Monday 21st August to return their application form to our Kingston office. They will then be sent a ballot form and newsletter. UNISON are recommending a clear NO vote.

  • Ask your manager how the pay offer will affect YOU
  • Tell your colleagues to join UNISON by 21st August if they are not already members - then they can vote
  • Make sure you use your vote - return your ballot papers by 31st August.

If you have not received a newsletter and ballot paper by Friday 11th August please contact us asap.

This is a pdf copy of our Ballot Newsletter



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