Why we need to Kill the Trade Union Bil

23433_Drop_the_TU_Bill_PHOTTO_png.pngWe, the hard-working people providing public services in this country, need our MPs to focus on the real problems the country faces, not on waging irrelevant battles against unions. 

Trade unions improve the UK for everyone UNISON and other trade unions are a fundamental part of UK society and have had a positive impact on all citizens through achievements like: a national minimum wage, the abolition of child labour, improved worker safety, improving living standards by reducing the number of hours in the working week and encouraging a healthy work/life balance, improved parental leave, equality legislation, minimum holiday and sickness entitlements. We think MPs should give us the respect we deserve: stop fighting our right to be represented and supported; come and talk to us about how we can work together for a better future. More information and how to get involved in the campaign can be found at www.unisonsoutheast.org.uk



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